The messages
Sent from a virtual metaverse
in the future...

Return All You Borrow

Hello Earth 2021. You are in the midst of realizing what kind of real trouble you are actually in, in regards to your actions causing unsavory change to the planet, you see it now through the lens of a global pandemic and biblically scaled natural disasters like epic wildfires, floods, and droughts.


Answer Calls to Action

Let us tell you, it doesn’t get any better.  
Hence, why we are writing to you now (from our virtual metaverse 50 years into your future), because you do have a chance to change course and make progress to combat climate change. And if you do so now, both of our futures might be okay.


Planet Over Profit

How did we end up in this virtual metaverse you might ask? Well to put it simply…
We ended up here as you might imagine because global warming made Earth uninhabitable. But luckily we had advanced technology just enough to be uploaded to a virtual world to escape what might have been a hellish nightmare for the human psyche which we maybe deserved.


Respect Mothers

We have terraformed this world to the best of our abilities, some glitches of course, to reflect the Earth as it once was. It's not real though and most of us know nothing else. But real Earth must have once been soooo gorgeous.


Stop Consuming it All

The longer disappointing story is that we didn’t do anything to stop it, even though we knew about it way before it was a recognized issue. We had become capitalistic slugs, because we felt comfort in it as the only system the world worked within. We became engrossed in consuming commodities at a rate that was not ever going to be sustainable for our planet.


Hold Power Accountable

We didn’t end up demanding change in how corporations functioned. We didn’t end up demanding more from our governments. We didn’t end up changing our exorbitant consumption of resources and goods. 

It all seemed okay until it wasn’t anymore.


Resist Greed

Governments and corporations only kept their profit-motive interests in mind, and this meant exploiting Earth’s resources until there was no more to physically exploit. We ended up losing 99% of earth’s species and inhabitants within a few years, where now we all exist in dust and ash and a row of computer servers.


Be Altruistic

But, alas there’s some hope for you...

During our metaverse’s construction we discovered a set of messages along the way with a specific set of instructions that we wish to pass onto you. The messages serve as a code of ethics to practice, in the effort to remind humankind of what they can do today to provide Earth with a habitable tomorrow.


Share & Provide

The instructions read that if the messages are spread among you, they will help to save the planet. They will incentivize the people of Earth to demand that the ecological protection of the planet be addressed by governments and corporations through the removal of capitalist profit motives.


Be Present

If earth’s inhabitants do so, and speak loudly for change, then there is a chance that Earth and its creatures will make it.

What we do in the next few years really does determine if we are looking at just a few generations of a disruptive climate that can eventually regain its balance or we have unimaginable and increasingly out of control climate problems for 1000s or 10s of thousands of years.

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